Textiles Monterey was founded in 1984 from Canadian Celanese, which at that time had been the largest textile manufacturer in Drummondville, Québec since 1926. Following reorganization in 1996, Textiles Monterey has continued operations in the original company's facility totaling 1,200,000 ft2 on 3 floors.
Bâtiment Textile Monterey

Diversified market and specialized offer

The organization specializes in value-added technical protective fabric to face a major turn in the textile industry.

Firefighters, anti-riot squad agents, gas and oil workers and welders around the world are currently protected by Textiles Monterey's revolutionary protective clothing.

The company is among the largest fabric manufacturers in Canada and around 80% of its bulk sales come from the American market. The organization's offer is so specialized that some innovative weaving techniques are the only ones of their kind in the world.

All services and equipment under one roof

One of the organization's strengths is that it is vertically integrated: It produces both the textiles and the fabrics. All services and equipment are on site, from air-jet weaving machines to dying, finishing and printing equipment.

Texonic and Lincoln Fabrics are owned by Textiles Monterey and thus are also business partners helping to centralize all services.

Centered on unique, innovative fabrics

Textiles Monterey is very active in research and development. Weaving techniques and fabric composition are continuously tested to create ever-more effective protective clothing.

If the fabric does not exist, it will be custom-made according to the required specifications. With Textiles Monterey, nothing is impossible.

Our loyal employees, the key to our success

Some mechanics, weavers and dyeing & finishing equipment operators at Textiles Monterey have more than 30 years of experience. They are a true and major part of the business's success over the years.

Team spirit combined with strong sense of belonging help our experienced employees train our new ones. If you would like to join our great team, please send us your resumé.

Looking for equipment that offers complete protection for your workers?

Our fabrics are created to surpass all safety standards, whether for firefighters, welders, police officers, linemen & linewomen, or other workers in high-risk sectors. Our certified independent laboratory tests our fabrics according to the standards and regulations they must comply with.