Specialized and protective fabric manufacturer

For those who put their lives on the line

More than 20 years designing specialized fabrics

Since 1996, we produce, dye, print and finish protective, military and fashion fabrics in our 500,000 ft2 facility. We have all the equipment available on the market, and all in one place.


Innovative protective fabrics tested by real workers

We innovate a little more each and every day by creating our own advanced weaving techniques, by testing our products in the field and by partnering with specialized organizations around the world.


Our welder suits are now ISO 11611

Weighing only 8.5 ounces per square yard, our GLASSWELD welder suit fabric protects against molten metal spraying, fire and radiant heat in compliance with the ISO 11611 standard. Comfortable, lightweight and durable, its denim-like look is also multipurpose for workers.

Looking for equipment that offers complete protection for your workers?

Our fabrics are created to surpass all safety standards, whether for firefighters, welders, police officers, linemen & linewomen, or other workers in high-risk sectors. Our certified independent laboratory tests our fabrics according to the standards and regulations they must comply with.