There are still far too many injuries caused today by ineffective personal protective equipment. Our goal at Textiles Monterey is to create innovative clothing that keeps worker injuries to a minimum in case of an accident.

Collaboration with industry partners

We don't hesitate to join forces with technical thread manufacturers and specialized clothing designers. With our partner FilSpec and our revolutionary fibreglass weaving technique, we created an exterior layer for firefighter bunker suits that reaches unequaled results for its flame and heat resistance. Our technique is currently patent pending.

Designed in partnership with FilSpec, our welding suit comprised of FireFil threadTM, efficiently protects workers from metal shards, while remaining comfortable and light-weight.

In addition to our local partnerships, we work with North American, Swiss and Japanese partner suppliers to create truly unique clothing.


Destructive textile testing in our laboratory

Our textiles undergo a series of Canadian, American and European standardized testing both in our certified independent laboratory and in our own laboratory.

Our results are always higher than the minimum required. The simple passing mark is not enough for us. We always push further, because we are serving people who put their lives on the line.


Protective clothing tested in the field

When we create a new technique or protective clothing textile, we do not only test it in our laboratory. The final test is made on-site in the various workplaces, where the fabric's comfort, lightness and breathability are also assessed.

Our welding suit was loaned to welders. Workers liked it so much that some of them insisted on keeping it after the tests.


Custom technical textile weaving

If you need very specific clothing to protect your workers, please note that we can create textiles according to your specifications. Total heat loss, thermal protection, fire and radiant heat exposure, flash fire... Everything's possible and everything's tested.

We also have our business relationships at heart. If we design a fabric for you, you will be the only buyer.

Looking for equipment that offers complete protection for your workers?

Our fabrics are created to surpass all safety standards, whether for firefighters, welders, police officers, linemen & linewomen, or other workers in high-risk sectors. Our certified independent laboratory tests our fabrics according to the standards and regulations they must comply with.