Because our fabrics are dedicated to those who put their lives on the line, they are designed to exceed safety standards. We even have everything under the same roof: air-jet weaving machines, rapier weaving machines along with all dying, printing and finishing equipment.

If we don't have the protective fabric you need, we will customize it and send it to our certified independent laboratory that will test the fabric according to your standards and requirements.


Flame retardant fabric

Protection against fire and heat is without a doubt the most crucial, whether it is for firefighters, police officers, anti-riot squads or gas & oil workers.

Our fabrics have achieved the highest industry results for thermal protection performance and their total heat loss capacity is 13% above the minimum requirement. Our reflecting fabric is also essential for worker visibility.


Level 2 electric arc-resistant fabric

Textiles Monterey is the only supplier of Hydro-Québec's level 2 fabrics protecting against electric arcs for its linesmen and lineswomen. The clothing is equipped with reflective tape for heightened worker visibility and the fabric is fireproof.

The fabric's advanced technology meets Hydro-Québec's high standards.


Fabric for welder clothing

Welder clothing is usually heavy, hot and uncomfortable in order to meet safety requirements. Our fabric is much lighter and better ventilated than any other fabric on the market and withstands repeated washing (dimensional stability), extreme heat and flying welding sparks.

Its denim look also makes it multifunctional for workers.


Protective fabrics for molten metal spraying

Aluminium plant workers need high-safety protective clothing. Our fabrics are level 2 to withstand molten metal spraying.

The fabric also protects from burns and extreme heat, while letting the skin breathe.

Looking for equipment that offers complete protection for your workers?

Our fabrics are created to surpass all safety standards, whether for firefighters, welders, police officers, linemen & linewomen, or other workers in high-risk sectors. Our certified independent laboratory tests our fabrics according to the standards and regulations they must comply with.